Alliant Powder

Alliant Smokeless Shotshell Powders. American reloader powders with a range of fast medium and slow burn rates. Including Alliant 381, Alliant Blue Dot, Alliant Green Dot, Alliant Red Dot and Alliant Steel. For orders and enquiries about powders, please call Clay & Game's offices on 01482 631066

  • Alliant 381 is a slow burn powder ideal for magnum loads.

    P.Code: POWA381

    Price: £32.00

  • Blue dot is a slow burning powder that was designed for magnum hunting loads in lead. Suitable for up to 2 ounces of lead in a 12 gauge load but has a wide range of magnum loading data available.

    P.Code: POWABD

    Price: £36.00

  • Alliant Green Dot is similar to Red Dot but slightly slower burning, therefore has a wider range of loading capabilities.

    P.Code: POWAGD

    Price: £36.00

  • Red Dot is ideal for light shot charges in 12 gauge, between 24 grams and 32 grams.

    P.Code: POWARD

    Price: £36.00

  • Alliant Steel. This is a slow burning powder used for steel shot. Ideal for wildfowling steel loads.

    P.Code: POWAST

    Price: £36.00

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